Career Guidance and Counselling Service at CBS Synge Street

5th and 6th year students have a double of Career Guidance with the Guidance Counsellor every two weeks. During these classes, students explore their personal attributes and aptitudes and how these relate to careers they may wish to pursue. Research into careers and courses of study takes place during these classes and students are encouraged to conduct further research outside of school.The Guidance Counsellor will also see all senior cycle students to assist them with career choices and to guide them through the CAO and PLC application process.
5th year students will sit their DATS tests to help give them some indication of their aptitudes. The Guidance Counsellor will discuss results with students and parents.
The Guidance Counsellor is available for counselling appointments with students from all year groups on an individual basis. By having this service, we hope to help our students grow in confidence and self-esteem so that they can feel empowered when making decisions about their future.