Welcome to Synge Street CBS| The quality of education offered in Synge Street is characterised by the professional dedication and involvement shown by teachers and by the creation of a caring environment within the school. Our pupils are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities, experiences and challenges of adult life. HISTORY OF SYNGE STREET LATEST NEWS
Synge Street CBS, An ERST School
Providing Second Level education to students in Dublin since 1864.

Synge Street CBS is an ERST school in existence since 1864.  It is a school of great tradition renowned for its academic, cultural and sporting excellence.

Career Guidance

Find out about our Career Guidance and Counselling Service at Synge Street CBS.


Synge Street CBS aims to foster a holistic educational environment, which encourages the development of all aspects of pupils’ lives including the social, moral, intellectual and spiritual.


We have a wide range of facilities in the school.

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